amazing-marketing-tactics-to-copyI know people tend to frown upon the idea of “copying.” We’ve been schooled from an early age that copying is bad and originality is good. However, are you really ready to commit to your parents and teachers’ advice from 20 years ago? Of course, you should eat your veggies and be kind to others, but, seriously, copying is the most amazing thing you can do for yourself, for your lazy girl self, right now.

For starters, you’ll save a lot of time. And we are all about saved time! Secondly, when we talk about “copying” we are really saying “learning.” Did everyone in your Facebook feed freak out over the video of the two dogs hugging? Noted. People like videos of cute animals. Were you crazy laughing with the I’ve Had the Time of My Life spoof of the Presidential debate and hitting SHARE like it was on fire? Great. Now you know humor and current news move you from passive reader to active participant. And let us remind you that, as you’re running your own business, you definitively want to get a lot of shares and for people to find your brand not only relevant, but also that newsworthy.

As this week comes to an end, we wanted to make note and also share with you our top five most amazing marketing tactics to copy right now. Amanda and I continue to be in awe at the incredible amount of talent and passion out there, from women all over the world, committed, day and night, to make their dream work – no matter what. This is just our small and humble token of appreciation, and also our selfish reminder to keep on improving, innovating, and setting our goals even higher.


A quiz! We’ve all seen them around, and we’ve all been guilty of taking them and SHARING them with our Facebook friends. A quiz not only offers incredible value to your client or lead, but it’s also a simple and effective lead magnet if you’re looking to collect additional emails for your list. Offer the quiz on top of your blog or site as a “Get Started” option or push it through Facebook ads for immediate engagement and email collection.Here’s a great example of a quiz on a homepage.


Printables. We live in a digital era but for some reason people are going crazy for custom labels, notebooks, art for their gallery wall, etc. One of my favorite examples has been a journal to commit to your goals for the next 30 days, which had beautiful pink and gold details. Again, you should ask for an email in exchange for the file to download and print. Other great ideas that I’ve personally downloaded and printed myself? A watercolor of a purple pineapple, labels to organize the spices in my pantry, a weekly meal planner, a step-by-step guide on how to groom a goldendoodle. Here’s a great example of printable labels for a “handmade” collection.


Virtual Summit. This one is tougher to execute on your own, but totally doable if you have a few friends monetizing the same category as you. A virtual summit is a series of live webinars given by a dozen experts in the field. For example, I recently participated in the Email Generation Summit and the experience was pretty amazing. You can use a virtual summit to boost your email list, if you ask users to enter their email for a full access to the schedule, for example. And, our favorite, you can also monetize it! Though most of the webinars were available for free as they were live, users were asked to actually purchase the recordings if they missed a session they were interested in. Here’s a great example of a past virtual summit.


Live Demos. We loved reading Lucky Bitch Denise Duffield-Thomas’ journey, which chronicled how she got started, and how she positioned herself as a money manifesting expert (you can see the full article here). For me, she was the most successful at answering one of the main concerns we get from clients the moment we start working together – how do I get clients? Denise makes it sound even easy – just do live demos. As she wanted to get the word out there, she conducted free money manifesting coaching sessions and soon, people were coming to her to ask for more…and paying her to do so.


Business Cards. We know this is an oldie! But it’s pretty impactful yet so simple, we couldn’t help ourselves from sharing it. We love the idea of using both sides of the business card – one side for your actual info, and the other side for marketing. One of our favorite clients actually asked some of her life coach questions on the back of the card (such as “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” or “What does your ideal day look like?”). She told us the experience of handing out that card is pretty great. For starters, it’s a great ice breaker. The client immediately asks for more information on what she does versus her having to do all the work in selling herself! Secondly, it’s a great reminder of what she does, for days and maybe weeks to come. I’m guilty of stuffing my purse with other people’s business cards, and then not having any idea of who did what. Having a great business cards ensures your first impression is not only a great one, but also a lasting one! Here’s an example of how a fiction book writer promotes his books on his business card.


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