We are Andrea Slodowicz and Amanda Taylor and we are the founders of Lazy Girl Co., and we know how scary and frustrating building a business you love can be.

We’ve been working with million-dollar brands for over 15 years, and have launched or helped launch over a dozen blogs and small businesses since then. Our moment of clarity came when we realized that we knew how to do “brand and marketing things” for Coca-Cola and Blackberry, and we could use the same systems and processes to monetize our own blogs!

Could we able to attract the brands and clients we always wanted to work with? The answer to all of the above was YES.

Since our launch, we’ve worked with Royal Caribbean, Starwood Hotels, Toyota, AT&T, Ulta, Coca-Cola, Sprint, Walgreens, Sears and Chase, among many others. And most o them on our first year alone! We grew Amanda’s dog’s Instagram account to 13,000 followers in just a few months, with real-time, unedited pictures, and no set schedule – just focusing on engagement and Peach’s “ideal client.” We hit $10,000 on our first month, too, and, since then, have been quoted in the media and often participate in social media panels as Amanda is one of the top Snapchat experts in South Florida.

We know there’s so much stuff out there about blogging and growing your Facebook page, but the “tips” are either outdated or require hours and hours of work on your end. And who has time for that? We wanted to be online entrepreneurs because of the lifestyle that allow us to have – traveling, workout whenever and wherever, waking up without an alarm clock! Shouldn’t building your business be an enjoyable process rather than an eyelash-burning, excruciating torture? We got you.

The LAZY GIRL’S BRAND AND MARKETING HACKBOOK is our first intense, 5-step process system to build your amazing and crazy successful dream empire. We’ve tested and practiced with everything we recommend ourselves, so we know it works, and it’s actually fun.

Are you ready to join us and be a successful, lazy girl, too?

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