Best blogging books for new bloggers. Start a blog. New bloggers books. Best books for blogging.We are excited to share with your our top 15 list for the best books on blogging for new bloggers. If you’re starting up your own blog, or you are just thinking about it, we highly recommend you browse through at least one of these books or courses in each category.

Your blogging journey is about to begin, and with that, also a great sense of responsibility. To yourself. To your readers. Even to your family, if you’re starting your blog to monetize it and make it into your full time job or supplemental income. Good for you, by the way!

We like to think about blogging, and the business of blogging, as a holistic matter. It’s not just about finding a pretty template, building an email list, designing your brand, growing your Instagram account (if you have one), and finding your colors. You’re going to need to be inspired! Empowered! In charge! And for that, even though we really wished there was an app for that (LOL!), there’s actually a good, sometimes a great, book for that.

Are you ready to get started on your blogging journey? You can start small! Maybe a book a month. Or just a few pages every day. You’re totally in control…which is one of the greatest things blogging does for you!

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Best Books on Blogging: Get Inspired

Best Books on Blogging: Get Started

Best Books on Blogging: Make Money Blogging

Best Books on Blogging: Social Media and SEO

Best Books in Blogging: All In One

Are you constantly thinking about starting a blog or online business, but you think it’s too complicated, overwhelming or hard to do?

We know it’s not easy, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You just need the right resources, or road map to get you there (and the books on the list above should be a great start for you!). In addition, our favorite book of all times is our LAZY GIRLS’ BRANDING AND MARKETING HACKBOOK, which we just finished writing in December, so you know the content is super updated for 2017.

Amanda and I created a five-guide system that makes setting foot into the online world really easy. Even if you’re, like us, a little bit lazy, or time-challenged. The work process on our book can save you hours and hours of time, as we share in detail everything that helped us succeed (and everything that didn’t!). Plus, you can get tons of traffic in just the first few months.

On average, most of our “lazy girls” get up to 3,000 page views on the first month alone! Just look at the Google Analytics from one of our recent students!

Grow your blog traffic. Start a blog.

As of today, we’re excited to also offer you a personal review of your blog, or the one you’ll be building with the hackbook. So you will know exactly where the gaps are and what to do to fix them right away. How’s that for a great motivation to get started right away?

You can read all about our hackbook by following this link.

In the meantime, please let us know in the comments if you have read any book about blogging or social media you really liked and would like to share with us to include in the list! 

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