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Unfollow Instagram: There’s an APP for THAT!

Unfollow Instagram. How to see who unfollowed you on Instagram and what to do about it, too!

It’s a social media tale as old as time; and so is the big search term of unfollow Instagram. You get a notification that you have a new follower on Instagram. Immediately you get a rush of excitement and flattery. In an effort to reciprocate the kindness, you follow the account back. They like a […]

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Get Fired Up with these 5 Mobile Apps

Recently, as we were working towards the final edits for our book, Amanda and I compiled an extensive list of software and tools we like to use for ourselves and also for our clients, and we realized that a big part of this list was actually mobile friendly. Which, writing it down now, should sound very obvious, being who we are, and loving to travel – of course we would immediately favor mobile tools! However, we were not always the most supportive of tools for your phone in our past lives…

We used to sit at meetings at our jobs and cringe at the new guy in the digital team who would only bring up “we can make an app for that” as his master idea for each and every client campaign. Granted, those were other times and this guy’s apps were stuck in the early 2000s, but he was onto something! After all, we spend more time with our phones than with our significant others, watching TV or maybe even wearing underwear! So, yes, the more you can stuff in to the little square thing, the better suited we will ever be for every task life throws our way. From retouching our selfies to finding our way home, we are thankful there’s an app for that!

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