facebook ad didn't work and what to do about itAsk the Expert Advice: If Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Working, Ask Yourself These 5 Questions  (Entrepreneur)

We’ve all been there – super excited about getting started to sell or product or service with Facebook ads only to find out we are really sucky at them! Facebook ad is science, not art, and we love the 5 most important questions you should ask yourself, as featured in this article, to troubleshoot your Facebook ads. For example, are you using the right ad type? Are you a booster or a dark ad kind of gal?

How to Create Content Marketing that Runs On Autopilot (Quicksprout.Com)

If we ever found a genie lamp, we will probably wish for epic content on autopilot (after world peace, of course). The truth is that amazing content takes time and effort, and you know us, we are LAZY. Did you know, for example, that 72% of us are producing more content than what we did a year ago? SUCKY. Does Neil Patel have the right answer for you? TELL US.

How to Automate Your Social Media Marketing with IFTTT Applets (Social Media Examiner)

We promise you we were not looking for automation on purpose! It just happened that one of the other most popular articles today was IFTT. If you haven’t messed around with IFTTT (ifthisthenthat.com), please, go. Do it now. Their applets let yo automate social media posting and other tasks, so you can spend more time writing, or doing nothing at all. Social Media Examiner helps you create your own applet in this article, step by step.

Overmonetized Influencers and Pesky Millennials: What Brands Are Worried about Right Now (Digiday.com)

We know you are loving the extra income from working with your favorite brands…we do too! However, do we really know what the brands like? Digiday says “brands are now saying that they are engaging in fewer paid influencer buys.” Why? Too much supply, too little scale.

3 Extremely Bold Predictions for Social Media in 2017 (Social Media Today)

We love this time of year because every magazine or news source out there gets magic ball syndrome! For example, according to Social Media Today, Twitter will sell (seriously? finally!), video will dominate (news! news!), and Pinterest will go public. Geez. We didn’t see any of those coming. THANK YOU.



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