How to grow traffic to your blog using facebook groups. The ultimate facebook group list to grow traffic. Facebook group scheduler. Over 50 facebook groups for bloggers.You probably already heard about Facebook pages not being your friend when it comes to reaching your ideal client or audience. However, Facebook groups, and more specifically, Facebook groups for bloggers and entrepreneurs are totally AMAZING.

If you’re just starting out with your blog (congrats my friend!), or you are a seasoned blogger or online business owner (congrats on that end too!), you can get a lot of additional visitors to your website by using Facebook groups.

Wait. You want me to join a bunch of Facebook groups? I already have so much going on at my Facebook feed!

We hear you.

I’m actually an expert at decluttering my Facebook feed and even friends list at least every month. But trust on this one. Facebook groups are amazing communities for you, not only to find blogging buddies, but also to get tons of help and support for practically FREE. And that’s just the beginning. Here are a few of our favorite reasons to be active on Facebook groups…

Join Facebook groups to ask for feedback

If you are able to hit the right list of Facebook groups, consider it your personal jackpot. Facebook groups are kind of private communities of people that are doing exactly what you are doing or trying to do. In these groups, you can ask for advice, share feedback and connect with accountability partners.

What can you ask on a group?

  • Beta testers for a new class or ebook you area about to launch
  • General feedback on your blog or site setup
  • Technical questions such as plugins for WordPress for SEO, or how to link an opt-in form
  • Color palette for your brand, or preferred font combinations
  • Business questions such as how to launch a new product or work with affiliate links

How to grow traffic to your blog using facebook groups. The ultimate facebook group list to grow traffic. Facebook group scheduler. Over 50 facebook groups for bloggers.

Facebook groups can help you get clients

Facebook groups are a proven tool to get more clients, but it shouldn’t be your #1 source for them. And here’s why.

We use the groups mostly to build relationships and build our email list (more on that in a bit), yet, we were able to sign up new clients as a bonus! Why? Amanda and I give out so much advice for free that we have grown a reputation in certain groups as true EXPERTS. Now, this didn’t happen overnight, and actually, we don’t even think we try for this to happen! We were just having fun doing it. We would either answer questions directly, or share links to a helpful post on our blog or point the member towards one of our favorite resources on someone else’s blog or site. Soon, people (very, very generous people) started to recommend us when a post about a business coach or blog coach appeared as a thread. And that, honestly, is the best promotion you can ever get.

In that spirit, here’s a quick Facebook group participation checklist:

  • Choose 1-3 posts a day and deliver honest, personal and helpful advice or comments
  • Focus on your area of expertise, and be selective about what you answer, so people will start association a particular set of needs or questions with your blog or site!
  • Give more than what you ask for
  • Be sincere, but approachable – especially if someone is just getting started… you don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings!
  • Show up every day

Grow your email list with Facebook groups (autopilot)

We have more tips on how to build your email list from zero, but for now, know that you CAN grow your email list by solely participating on the right Facebook groups. The passive way to do this is to, again, give great advice or feedback when it’s asked. Most likely, people will click on your personal profile, and then, find your Facebook page, and from there on, sign up to receive updates. All that happens, of course, if you have carefully built the right breadcrumb paths for them!

Here’s how:

  • Prominently list your blog or site on your personal Facebook profile page
  • On your Facebook page, activate the Sign Up button
  • On your Facebook page feed, PIN your opt-in post to the top of your feed (you can see how we do it here)
  • Set up a kick-butt blog post with an amazing opt-in (such as this one)

That way, when someone wants to know more about you, they can easily follow you all the way to the email sign up.

Another way to collect emails is using promo days! So let’s about it next.

Grow your email list with Facebook groups with Promo Days

Our most epic email sign up day actually happens when we launch a new freebie and we are consistently promoting it during promo days. We have curated a list of 50 Facebook groups for blogger that we use religiously to participate and promote our content and products.

A promo day is a specific day the head of group dedicates to do exactly that, promotion. Sometimes it happens once a week, and sometimes it happens every day. Some head of the groups allow you to promote your post or blog freely as a new post in the Facebook group, while others ask you to keep all promos under a single thread they will start early on the day.

You can have instant access to our 50 Facebook groups for bloggers and entrepreneurs here.

How to grow traffic to your blog using facebook groups. The ultimate facebook group list to grow traffic. Facebook group scheduler. Over 50 facebook groups for bloggers.You will see right away that we have a pretty large group of daily promo groups – these are the Facebook groups where you can promote EVERY DAY. The rest of the groups will have a specific day attached to it. I chose to share with you a Google Sheet as I personally use this list every day, and I also update every day. This way, you’ll always be looking at the latest version of it!

Please make sure you carefully read everyone’s rules and content mandatories. Also, some of these groups will require you to sign up to the owner’s email list first, which you can do by following the link on the ABOUT section of the Facebook group.

Choose wisely!

Some groups are totally amazing when it comes to feedback and participation, while others are, well, hit or miss. And that has nothing to do with the size of the group! The second tab on the Google Sheet has the groups listed by size, so you can take a stab at only working with the larger groups first, or maybe, the smaller ones! It’s totally up to you. We have our personal favorites form this list, but we wanted to share a larger set so you can have your own favorites, too.

Do you have a favorite Facebook group that is not listed here? Send us a quick message so we can add it!  And, if you are already participating in Facebook groups, what’s your #1 piece of advice for someone that might just get started?

How to grow traffic to your blog using facebook groups. The ultimate facebook group list to grow traffic. Facebook group scheduler. Over 50 facebook groups for bloggers.



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