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6 Reasons to be addicted to free blogging tools (Jeff Bullas)

We are always in the search for free blogging tools to help us increase blog traffic. Jeff Bullas awesome new list compiles over 20 free blogging tools, that cover content creation, discoverability and much more. Our new favorite free blogging tool for the week is a link bait generator (test it here). Pretty much, you can type any keyword you want to target (in the case of this article “free blogging tools”) and you will get, in return, over 30 “random” headlines that are “buzzfeed” worth it.

You know the kind of headlines we’re talking about…the ones that you HAVE to click because your curiosity overpowers your thinking brain. In the case of this post, on top of “6 reasons to be addicted to free blogging tools” we also got: ” the secret connection between free blogging tools and sex,” as well as “why free blogging tools are destroying America.”

Amongst the 6 reasons to be addicted to free blogging tools we count:

  1. $0 lost
  2. It keeps us on the edge of innovation, always searching and testing for bigger and better
  3. We always end up discovering new and awesome bloggers and writers to follow
  4. Two words: FREE PICTURES (so many of them, so pretty!)
  5. Pay it forward – we love sharing free blogging tools with all of your guys!
  6. There’s always something else to learn

Let us know how it works for you!

Optimize Google Voice Search Responses (Search Engine Land)

We are totally addicted to our Echo Dot from Amazon, which is a sign of how LAZY we’ve become. We can’t even turn on our own lights now? Nope. Google is a little bit late to the game, with their own Holiday release of “Google Home.” Google Home will be powered by Google Assistant, and will continue to add your search queries to their mega database of information for, we expect, later targeting you. “1984” flashbacks anybody?

Bing Ads Is Building a Bot (Search Engine Land)

They really are trying! Bing, which commands about 30% of all search volume, is still in the run for your advertising dollars. Their latest innovation seems to come from AI – a little bot to help you better manage your ad campaigns.

How to Use YouTube Cards in Your Videos (Social Media Examiner)

Did you know that adding a YouTube card to your videos creates a clickable call to action (CTA) that prompts viewers to respond? We are loving the additional interactivity as the cards can appear at any point in your video, and can include images, outside links, and even content that’s downloaded when viewers click.

Did You Price Your Product Right? How to Know? (Entrepreneur)

We all struggle and sweat a bit when it comes to pricing our own products or services. After all, it is a fine balance between supply and demand. The moral of the story? Relax! It’s not a final decision, whatever price you set to start. You can always change your pricing later, as long as you’re able to gather enough information from your customer base!


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