free-apps-for-businessAn exploding smartphone is one our biggest nightmares. In fact, just the thought of it is so scary that it might actually make our heads explode. Just kidding.

Kind of.

Our phones are our number one tool when it comes to mobile, and also, well, being lazy. Amanda and I recently did a quick comparison of the wide array of tools we carry in each of our devices and we were pretty impressed. We work together but we are also apart 99% of the time, so we each tend to accumulate new apps and tools on our own, and then tell the other. It’s our friendly competition – to see who can be the laziest, aka, the most tech savvy, and MOBILE.

Recently, as we were working towards the final edits for our book, Amanda and I compiled an extensive list of software and tools we like to use for ourselves and also for our clients, and we realized that a big part of this list was actually mobile friendly. Which, writing it down now, should sound very obvious, being who we are, and loving to travel – of course we would immediately favor mobile tools! However, we were not always the most supportive of tools for your phone in our past lives..

We used to sit at meetings at our jobs and cringe at the new guy in the digital team who would only bring up “we can make an app for that” as his master idea for each and every client campaign. Granted, those were other times and this guy’s apps were stuck in the early 2000s, but he was onto something! After all, we spend more time with our phones than with our significant others, watching TV or maybe even wearing underwear! So, yes, the more you can stuff in to the little square thing, the better suited we will ever be for every task life throws our way. From retouching our selfies to finding our way home, we are thankful there’s an app for that!

So, which are our top favorite mobile tech apps that can also get your business fired up?

  1. Buffer. For scheduling of all your posts, but also for analytics and re-buffering or re-sharing the posts that have performed the best for you. Buffer is free if you have less than 10 posts in your schedule, or $10 a month for the next tier (which is the one we use for Lazy Girl Co.) We also use quite a bit their “Content Inbox” which allows you to follow your favorite bloggers or publications via RSS feed, and easily select to add to your queue. We’re the most active on Twitter these days, and we can honestly say we line up 80% of the posts in 20 minutes once a week just using Buffer.
  2. Crowdfire. Crowdfire is actually mobile-only (so you’ll have to search for it on your Apps menu). We use Crowdfire to copy followers we like from other accounts, mostly for Twitter. We know “copying” sounds really bad, but it’s not. Copying the followers just means that Crowdfire allows you to find the exact audience you’re looking for (active on social media, interested in X topic, etc.) and just kindly telling them you exist…once you find the users you like via Crowdfire, you have the option to follow them, add them to a list for later use, or replying/sending a comment.
  3. Instagrab. This is also mobile-exclusive. We use Instagrab to repost Instagram posts from friends or other bloggers we really like or we want to support as they are running a promotion.
  4. Tailwind. If you use Tailwind to schedule your Pinterest posts, their mobile companion is a must-have. We love how simple it is… just three sections: Discover, Drafts, Schedule. I spend a few minutes a day using their discovery feature, and then select what I like for Drafts. I tend to schedule on the desktop, by pulling from Drafts, but we’ve done the full scheduling on mobile as well, especially when we’re on the road, which is pretty great!
  5. Canva. You’ll hear us talking about Canva quite a bit… it’s that great. A few months ago they finally launched their mobile app, and we couldn’t be happier. It’s so easy to do quick edits and drop into Instagram in under 2 minutes! Amanda and I have our Instagram templates already set up, so we can change the quote or the colors very quickly, as we’re working towards next week’s posts, especially if we know we’ll have limited “desktop” time.

Do you have a favorite mobile app? Share with us via #lazygirlco on Twitter or Instagram.


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