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It’s the new year and with it come new challenges! If you’ve written your goals for your blog already, congratulations! You’re on your way to making of this year your best blogging year yet….however, have you decided how to use Facebook in 2017 to grow your blog?

If you’ve already got yourself a lovely Facebook page, you probably already noticed it is getting harder and harder to reach your target audience. When Amanda and I started blogging back in 2012, we could easily grab 100 new Facebook followers every day…without doing much! Now, without ads or a sound strategy, we find ourselves struggling to add new folks to the page, and that’s the main reason we’ve written extensively about how to grow your email list. The thought being that we’ll prioritize the email list and think about Facebook as our second priority later, at least when it comes to overall blog reach and monetization.

2017 brings in quite a few changes for us, blogger peeps. For starters, VIDEO. Everyone is dying to have more video and you’ll see even Instagram jumping onto the video craze with new features. If you are fearless on camera, this could be a great advantage for you! Also, please note that video seems to be the most efficient way to rank on Google these days…as we’re sure it takes a lot less time to talk on camera for five minutes versus writing the mandatory 1,250-word blog post to be able to appear on Google’s precious first page.

The truth is that we are more than ready to see a lot more changes beyond video for social media and also specifically for Facebook. Facebook continues to be he #1 giant when it comes to total reach across all social platforms, even though we know there’ve been quite a few rumors about losing Facebook losing its relevancy and failing to attract the younger users. The “experts” predict that these coveted, younger users will most likely shy away from Facebook in years to come. Why? Facebook was once seen as “trendy” and “new,” but it has now become your mom’s and even your grandpa’s social and business playground!

Even today, Facebook alternatives are out there, well and growing. For example, Snapchat has already ripped the benefits of the younger, video-crazy, fickle audience. You won’t find my mom taking snaps any time soon, and that’s music to a lot of loyal users. However, the true business and networking applications of the newer social platforms such as Snapchat are yet to be proven.

This is where Facebook should be your BFF, at least in 2017!

Facebook, good ol’ Facebook, brings to table incredible targeting, total reach and capabilities for networking and monetization. Facebook, then, becomes quite your ally when it comes to not only growing the traffic to your blog or website, but also in terms of finding your ideal client for faster sales or bookings.

With all that in mind, then, here are our 3 commandments when it comes to how to use Facebook in 2017.

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How to use Facebook in 2017: Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are quite happening and they can greatly improve your visibility and credibility when it comes to your particular blogging area or interest. Facebook groups cover any subject right now, from local selling groups to detox juicing, and blogging too, of course.

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Should you start your own Facebook group? We would probably say no. You shouldn’t.

If you’re just starting out the last thing you want to add to your to do list is the stress of recruiting thousands of folks to come and show up, EVERY DAY, to your Facebook group. You’re a lot better off continuing to work on your blog, solidifying your voice, putting out amazing content that is valuable for your ideal client, and, actively participating on Facebook groups so you can learn what works and what doesn’t.

When we talk to our 1:1 clients on how to use Facebook groups we always focus on authenticity and engagement. We have collected over 50 Facebook groups by promo day that you can join today. However, we strongly advice you to select just a handful of them and gain in visibility versus being spread out too thin.

How does promo day work? Easy. Once a week, for the most part, the creator or admin of the group opens a post thread where everyone can promote a blog post or an actual product you are selling. We personally use promo days to grow our email list, and we direct all the traffic from these posts to blog posts that have an amazing opt-in, just as this one.

For more tips and tricks, check out our Facebook group post here.

How to use Facebook in 2017: Facebook Ads

Facebook ads tend to get a bad reputation. Either people tend to be super scared of them, or they have tried and now they feel all bummed out because they didn’t work.

Our clients do a double take when we mention Facebook ads as part of a blog growth strategy as it involves spending money. If you thought starting a blog was the fast and FREE way to make an income, we have bad news for you. IT’S SLOW. And IT’S NOT FREE. (Yet, why are so many of us doing it? That’s a different post all together!)

A Facebook ad strategy is usually referred as “pay to play,” which means exactly that. You pay. You play.

We have more info on why Facebook ads don’t work on this post, if you want to skip over.

When it comes to Facebook ads, there are many ways to do it, so we definitively want you to be very clear from the beginning when it comes to setting up your first Facebook ad campaign. You can run Facebook ads to get more clicks to your blogs, to get more emails directly on the Facebook ad (so you don’t get the extra traffic that day but you do get an email address), and even just to get reach or Facebook likes to your page.

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We like to use Facebook ads to:

  1. Test a blog post or concept or new product, as the ad does not have to appear as part of your Facebook page feed. We talk more about how to do this in Guide 3, here.
  2. Add Facebook likes to a new Facebook page, when you’re just launching a business or your blog. We found out that a few hundred followers on a page adds immediate credibility and guarantees additional likes for a fraction of the cost later on
  3. Traffic to a blog post or to our shop. We use website clicks as an objective for a Facebook ad campaign when we’re looking to supplement the traffic to a blog post for a brand, or we want to push a promo or sale on our shop. The additional income well off-sets the price of the Facebook ad campaign so it’s a win-win all around!

How to use Facebook in 2017: Live Video

When we looked at our Facebook page insights, we found out that the most valuable content for our fans was VERY engaging. And with that, video posts and live video (even the very few we played around with in early 2016) were the ones that yielded the most reach AND engagement. Video is a trend across all social media platforms right now (look at Instagram and Snapchat!), and also across the digital world overall.

Amanda loves this. She is for doing move video versus more writing any day of the week! So I have to put my big pants on and get over my camera fear in the next few months!

There are a few great reasons why you should incorporate more video in your Facebook (and blog) strategy in 2017:

  1. It’s less time consuming! Especially live video. You just need you and your smartphone. BOOM. You’re creating content that is authentic, honest, and ready to CONVERT.
  2. Video is more “real.” We never get tired of saying how your clients don’t buy your blog or ebook, they buy YOU. And, sometimes, it’s a lot harder to get to know a person through a written post, versus a few seconds of looking at that same person “talk” to you through video. Video helps you brand yourself 10x faster than a blog post or ebook!
  3. Bots love video. And we’re talking here about the Facebook and Google bots exclusively. Though not proven, there are tons of articles and posts about how you can rank higher on Google and be recommended on Facebook a lot more often with video content versus with “traditional” images or text posts.

How do you feel about your Facebook 2017 strategy? Tell us!

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