Ikea renames products to match Google searches

Ikea renames products to match common Google Searches (AdWeek)

We are totally in love with Ikea renaming products to match Google searches. You can buy the bed below under “My Partner Snores,” or a triple pad for wireless charging called “Dating Three at Once.” Not only are all the names BRILLIANT, but also a perfect fit to their enhanced branding campaign – “Where Life Happens.”

You can buy an Ikea bed under 'My Partner Snores,' or a triple pad for charging 'Dating Three at Once.' #girlbossClick To Tweet

The news of Ikea renaming products to match Google searches might be a little bit sensationalist, but we think the overall strategy is engaging for the consumer and leave us craving for more. Bravo.

Why Good SEO is Strategic (Search Engine Land)

Ah. Good SEO. If Ikea renaming their products to match Google searches was not enough for you, we have more Google coming your way! We are the first ones to think of SEO as the YUCKIEST cousin in all of the digital world, BUT we are coming around. What can SEO do for you? Tons. Lower your digital ad costs, deliver market share defense, elevate brand impact, and much more. Our favorite? FREE audience.

May Your Christmas Campaign Sparkle (The Guardian)

The holidays are a great season to bond with your audience. If you have a small audience, then the holidays are a GREAT season to grow your audience. People will be spending more time online searching for gifts, food recipes, decor DIY, and much more. Wouldn’t it be so great to get a kickback from all that? Here are some ideas – promo codes or vouchers, holiday only hashtags, giveaways, and last minute gifts. The article above has great ideas to amp your social media during this time of the year, so head over there when you’re ready! (Link on headline.)

Amplify your social media during the holidays. Use giveaways, promo codes, and themed feeds for Instagram #ladybossClick To Tweet

What’s New in Blogging? (Problogger)

We like this blogging news round-up from Problogger. Click on the link about Instagram feed and the one about pagination vs. infinite scrolling for SEO. You’re welcome.

10 Types of Content for SEO (Moz)

Yes, yes. SEO again. It’s the SEOson. Okay, so as you’re planning amazing content for your blog or website, think about SEO first. This article lists blog posts, photos and visual galleries, interactive tools and content amongst Google favorites. Check out their examples!


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