how to make money blogging. we have 5 income reports to help you boost your confidence, including the one from Melyssa Griffin.We are total suckers for income reports, as they show us, right away, how to make money blogging. From the small ones to the bigger ones, we want to know them all. Amanda and I LOVE reading each and every one of those monthly blogger income reports.

In fact, we get a little bit anxious when we’re in November, and we realize the last income report from one of our favorite bloggers dates all the way back to September. Like in hello… we are keeping track here! We can say for sure that the income reports is the one kind of blog post we are looking forward to receive, and we bet the rest of the followers feel the exact same way.

If you thought people sharing their WHOLE personal life through Instagram was kind of crazy, imagine sending your actual monthly EARNINGS to thousands of email addresses, year after year. And yet, it’s out there.

So, what about you? Do you follow income reports?

I remember when I read my first income report. I felt kind of… nosy. I thought I was venturing into the forbidden land. As if the post should not really be there, and I was trespassing. And what if someone found me? The information was way too good to be real. Why would anyone share such good information with me? Was it all true? Were they selling me something?

As it turns out, they were selling me something (through affiliate links, though all of them properly also included a disclaimer), and the information, from what I could tell, was actually true. Each blogger has her own reasons to share this information, and we urge you to read her thinking behind investing so much time and resources crafting these reports. For us, the most important thing today is to share with you OUR reasons about why YOU should follow and spend some time with income reports, especially if the blogger or digital entrepreneur in question happens to be in your niche.

#1 We’re naturally curious beings

And it’s okay. The fact that curiosity killed the cat is really only a problem for the cat (and cat lovers out there!). Curiosity should drive your motivation, effort and focus! Embrace it.

#2 Free learning curve

Why should you start at the very beginning of the question “how can I monetize my blog?,” when others have already ran that race for you? It’s almost like you’ve been bumped up to fly first class and now you can skip all the security lines! Did you think, for example, that adding affiliate links on all your posts was going to result in additional $2,000 monthly income? Yet, your favorite blogger just showed you that affiliate links are only 5% of her monthly income? Abort! Where is she making the most money with the least expenses? Focus on that, and only that, next.

Income reports are like free learning curves. Skip the mistakes. Go straight to successes.Click To Tweet

#3 The tools scoop

Let’s face it. We are as profitable and as productive as the online tools and software we’ve chosen. We learned about Leadpages through Lucky Bitch, and then decided to explore Convertkit after reading Just a Girl and Her Blog’s latest income report. We also figured out we liked Gumroad better than a WordPress template for selling, and that Trello was a pretty amazing mobile and desktop planning tool. We monitor the tools people spend money on consistently, month after month, and then, only then, we decide to explore whether or not to make the jump ourselves.

And, talking about awesome blogging tools, you can check our top 20+ free blogging tools next:

#4 Cheer addicts

One of the main reasons Amanda and I created Lazy Girl was to reach out and create a strong community of supportive, smart, savvy and cooperative women all over the world. We take pride in all of the clients we work with, in their stories, and journeys and, most of all, our growth together. The unselfish act of showing your monthly earnings so others can learn, can get inspired and motivated, can act on their dreams and passions, can believe that “it” could actually happen to them as well is… priceless. We give these women who fastidiously detail every win and every challenge, in the spirit of the collaboration and the community we like so much, our most respectful, and humble, standing ovation. Thank you.

Are you now convinced on how much fun, and how productive, it could be to follow other people’s monthly incomes? We hope so! As we are about to jump right into our top six, most amazing, revenue publishing, successful women to watch list!

And our favorite income reports are…

We chose the six bloggers and digital entrepreneurs above given a variety of reasons. For starters, they all showed a great range of monthly incomes as well as sources for those monthly income figures – which means there is always opportunity to make more, AND, there are always different ways to make more. Melyssa Griffin for example had her biggest, baddest month yet, mostly driven by one single product – her own e-course. Pinch of Yum, on the other, has a really diversified portfolio of income sources, with the top one being ads on their site (which they can easily do as their audience is way above 3 million!). Some of them even have continued to do consulting and freelancing on the side, or decided to carry a mix of both passive and active incomes.

Would you ever publish a monthly income report?

We want to know!



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