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Instagram Live Streaming Now Available for US Users (Social Media Today)

Because Periscope and Facebook Live were not enough, Instagram joins in and adds live streaming to the platform, even if only US users will be the first ones to see it for now. If you were quite a bit of “so so is LIVE” notifications yesterday on your feed, this is why, especially as some big names already jumped on board to try it out. But, what is Instagram live streaming? First, make sure you have the latest version of Instagram (10.2). Then, you just have to swipe right from your home feed, select LIVE, and then “Start Live Video.” What are you going to live stream first?

How to Track Your Facebook Conversions in 2017 (Social Media Examiner)

If you haven’t yet, please run over to your Facebook Ad Manager and get the little pixel to put on your site. Why? So Facebook can start reading your stats and, when you’re ready to do Facebook ads, you can actually target THOSE PEOPLE who have visited you already. This pixel is especially important if you are selling digital or physical products, as it can also help you with ROI (return on investment) and overall tracking the best way to bring traffic to your shopping cart.

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How to Structure Your Blog Content for Great Rankings (ProBlogger)

And here we have another great post about SEO. Geez. Why? Well, though we keep saying that content is awesome and all that, if your pictures are gigantic and you have a bunch of code leftover from a bad update to your theme, well, Google will not pick it up. Structuring your content in an SEO friendly way means that Google “sees” you, and actually understands how to get your posts out onto the open. Find out what Google is looking for here.

6 Tips for Marketing to Last-Minute Holiday Shoppers (Small Biz Trends)

We are procastinators at heart, so we’re secretly in love with this kind of posts. Some of their ideas include gift cards (yup, been there!), think mobile, show your holiday cheer, and use local search listings (as everyone is in a frenzy to type “near me.”

How to Write A Creative Brief (Business to Community)

We haven’t touched upon creative briefs since our time in the agency, so we were surprised to see this post all the way on top of the trends for today. If you’re working with a graphic designer, or a even a coach, we highly recommend you take the time to sit down and write this brief. Why? It helps with accountability, delivery of information, and, most importantly, to be on the same page about your goals for your business or blog.


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