How to get more Snapchat followers in 2017. How to get get more Snapchat friends in 2017. At this point, most of us have already tried our hand at Snapchat, and at curating and getting more Snapchat friends or Snapchat followers.

We downloaded the Snapchat app, fumbled our way through the screens and tried our best to master the filters. Even with the best intentions, most people quickly realized that this platform was going to require extra that we expected and eventually lost interest after just a few weeks. Why? Because they felt like they were talking to an empty room – which was virtually true!

Snapchat is a game changer in the social space in so many ways, but its discoverability (or lack thereof), might be the biggest challenge for new adapters. (Read more about Snapchat here, and about how Instagram is copying Snapchat with their own live streaming video here.)

So, before you throw in the e-towel, let me show you some quick and easy ways to help grow your Snapchat friends list or Snapchat followers list. Having an audience not only inspires activity, but also helps keep you engaged and interested in this social media platform.

Here’s our easy and simple five action steps to get more Snapchat friends or get more Snapchat followers and actually have fun doing so!

#1 Pimp out that Snapchat code

Download your personalized Snapcode directly from the platform and customize it with your photo or logo. As long as the image stays within the ghost shape, you can add pretty much whatever you like!

*Shortcut: Within the app, if you’ve added your “selfie gif”, you can take a screenshot from there and the customization work is already done! make it your profile pictures across the rest of your social media accounts.

Consistently re-share this Snapchat code as a reminder to your followers that they should add you. There is nothing wrong with a few shameless plugs each week!

How to get more Snapchat followers. Grow your Snapchat friends.

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#2 Use other social media platforms to tease your Snaps

Beyond just sharing your Snapchat username or code, you need to tease your followers with the CONTENT they are missing out on if they don’t follow you.

Think of your Snapchat like the “behind the scenes” channel for your other accounts. So, when you post a stellar sunset selfie on a yacht to your Instagram, make sure you give a shout-out in the caption that you are sharing even more amazing more sunset views on your Snapchat.

#3 Make it your new social “handle”

While I’m NOT suggesting that you change your handle permanently on any of you other accounts, MOST platforms (like Twitter and Instagram) let you change your profile name while the actual handle stays the same.

For example, if your Twitter handle is @JoseResendez, you can edit your Twitter NAME to be to be “Snapchat: JoseResendez” and it will be a constant reminder to your followers to add you on this platform as well. This is especially helpful if your Snapchat username isn’t identical to your other platforms.

#4 Let other people recruit for you

To help grow your followers OUTSIDE of your current circle, you should try to collaborate with other relevant Snapchat accounts and ask them to give a shout-out to your Snapchat username.

Besides just shout-outs, you can also try “takeovers” with another user. This means you switch accounts/phones during a brief time period so that you can speak directly to the other person’s audience so they can get to know you. At the end of the take-over, you remind them how to add you.

#5 Ask your followers to SHARE the love

Within the app, there is a function where you can “share” the profile of someone you follow to the rest of your friends. So, if you have a loyal bunch of followers already, you can simply ask them to click on your profile, hit the share arrow and tell all their friends WHY they think your account is worth the follow.

How to get more Snapchat followers. Grow your Snapchat friends.

With these tips, you should be well on your way to the Snapchat family of your dreams! It is important, however, to remember that once you get someone to follow you, you need to keep them! I like to think of Snapchat like a new relationship, you can’t just check-in occasionally and expect the relationship to grow and flourish – you need to give this app DAILY attention in order to reap the rewards.

For more information on how to grow Snapchat and get more traffic to your blog check out our Guide 3: Getting Traffic.

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