10 ideas for local search engine optimizations in 2016Apparently today is NATIONAL MICROWAVE DAY and also NATIONAL GAZPACHO DAY, which is very disappointing as you actually don’t need to heat up gazpacho. Seriously, who’s in charge of these holidays?

On our neck of the woods, we’re heavily sitting on setting up our holiday decorations. We were so appalled at the neighbors, when they started way before Halloween, but now we kind of wish we had that sort of planning in our DNA. Do you suffer from holiday decoration envy, too? Tell us! As every year, the idea of a nice plastic tabletop tree continues to look very appealing. But we are resisting!

Moving on to the actual reason you’re on this post… one of the most shared articles today was about top ten local search insights of 2016, by Search Engine Land. Listen up! SEO, or search engine optimization, is really where is at. So, please, take the extra two minutes to click on the link…you won’t regret it.

Top 10 Local Search Insights of 2016 (Search Engine Land)

This is a great article with pretty good tips. Pay attention to SPEED on your website, as it’s become a highly valued commodity by search engines. We live in a fast-paced world, and your site needs to be able to stand on its own. Did you know that in 2013 the median load time was 4.33 seconds and in 2015 5.5 seconds? Retail sited DID SLOW DOWN. No bueno. We know graphics and video are really attractive to consumers, BUT, have in mind that they will also kill your site speed, as well as your Google rankings. Ready to work on your local search insights?

3 Ways to Travel the World for Free Through Entrepreneurship (Entrepreneur)

We jumped of joy when we saw this headline, and it’s not surprised it’s one of the most shared today. But his solves? CRAZY. Travel hacking, speaking events in magical lands, and consulting gigs on the other side of the world all sound fantastic…but seriously? What about us the little people? Regardless, a great read to get inspired and remind you to dream BIG.

The Most Overlooked Sales Technique in the World (Entrepreneur)

To be honest, this guy lost us at “this is a football move.” Sorry! We are soccer girls, if anything. BUT, if you are a football fan, I’m sure you’ll love his analogy for what he calls the “swim move.” The net-net? Understanding why a prospect asks you a question will allow you to take control of the situation, respond in a way that meets their needs, and ultimately close the saleAlways ask more questions than the person in front of you!

8 Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing Performance (Entrepreneur)

This is a great little piece! We loved her ideas about being vigilant about having a responsive list versus a gigantic list that has a sucky open rate. Adding emojis on the subject line was a also a great suggestion!

5 Benefits of Working With Social Media Influencers (Social Media Examiner)

We love, love, love working with social media influencers and we wish we did more of that! Amongst the key benefits you will find that it does help with SEO, and also with bringing in quality leads to your site.


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