Top 10 WordPress Plugins for Bloggers.

If you’re on WordPress, this post is right up your alley. We know how tempting it could be…tons of WordPress plugins for bloggers available for you to download! But trust us, the more WordPress plugins you have, the slower your site will work. And we already know that slow sites equal bad SEO and bad SEO, well, sucky blog views!

So, in an effort to keep Lazy Girl Co. honest, we have worked super hard in limiting the number of WordPress plugins for bloggers we allow ourselves to download.

And here’s our top ten list…

Do you have another must-have WordPress plugin for bloggers? Awesome! Send it to us here so we can add it!


For SEO, we focus on WordPress plugins that allow for greater efficiency and management, especially of pictures. You should have the following list of plugins ready to go on your blog, and if you don’t, make sure you download them in this exact order.

BackWPup. We use this site exclusively to backup Lazy Girl Co. and prevent regrets later on. Do this first! So no matter how badly you mess up later, you’ll have a good version to go back to.

CLOUDFLARE. The Cloudflare plugin is a shortcut to really manage your Cloudflare account. You can get a Cloudflare account for free here. What does it do? Uploads your full site into the cloud and leverages the cache of your visitors. In other words? A huge difference in speed download.

YOAST SEO.Yoast SEO is pretty awesome when it comes to getting an SEO “score” as you’re writing each blog post, plus, it allows you to quickly insert pieces of code you might need later on. For example, Pinterest code for rich pins or registering your site with Google Search Console. If the latter made no sense to you, let us know, and we’ll point you in the right direction!

EWWW IMAGE OPTIMIZER. Please note the three Ws! This is by far one of our favorite plugins because it makes a huge difference right off the bat. It reduces image file sizes by as much as 90%, with just a click of a button. The result? Faster downloads and more Google brownie points!

AUTOPTIMIZE. This WordPress plugin does a lot for you, more than we can tell you about as we’re also non-techies! We use it to help us clean up some of the CSS or code from our WordPress template, in order to rank higher in Google.


SOCIAL WARFARE. We use the free version to have the static social media share buttons as you scroll up and down on the post. We like these buttons a lot better than the WordPress generic ones. Also, if you upload Twitter and Facebook images on their own, to each post, when someone shares that post, the right picture will be shared. This is very important to make sure your pictures look nice and put together no matter where you find them later on!

JQUERY PIN IT BUTTON FOR IMAGES. We use this WordPress Plugin to add our custom “Pin it” button (the heart with the pin you see when you hover over any of our pictures). If you have a paid theme, please make sure you reference their recommendations for the customization as it might change dependent on how they coded yours. (Otherwise, it should be super easy to install! Just make sure you have a 150×150 image ready to go….). Check out Marianne’s awesome tutorial on how to use this plugin and PicMonkey to create the image, here.

Want a brand new Pin It Button? Edit ours! Click here to go to Canva and add your colors to this beauty!

Free pin it button.


WP CONVERTKIT. It helps us attach a different form at the bottom of every post. We use Convertkit as our email software and management system. If you have Mailchimp or Aweber, you should do additional research.

LEADBOXES. We are super fans of Leadpages and we use Leadboxes to easily bring up and customize different entry points for our forms. Leadpages is connected to Convertkit, so everything works pretty nicely together.

PRETTY LINK. We love to use Pretty Link to make long and yucky URLs a little bit more digestable. This way, we can use single words after For example, our Instagram Course is at And our Lazy Girl’s Branding and Marketing Hackbook is at Super easy to remember!

SITE ORIGIN. This is a great alternative for Leadpages, as it allows you to “fake” the look and feel of super professional landing pages for free! We’ll be coming up with a tutorial pretty soon, so let us know in the comments if you would like to be notified, or just send us your info here.

Now tell us, which of these plugins do you have?


Andrea - Co-Founder Lazy Girl Co.