how to use periscope to connect with customers

Have you even been curious about how to use Periscope? Well, today is your lucky day! Though it’s also…

Monday! And we’re so close to Christmas it’s almost unbelievable… 2016 is almost over.

If you’re in the planner shopping frenzy, good for you! We use the Volt planner, by the way, and really love it. It’s compact, sleek, and also has tons of space for notes, so we don’t have to carry around 2 notebooks at all.

Monday was already pretty active for a bunch of folks (can you believe it?), and we have a few articles that have been trending like crazy in our little side of the woods.

How to Use Periscope to Connect With Customers (Social Media Examiner)

With over 590 shares already this morning, “How to Use Periscope” seems to be making the news, once again. We feared the streaming video service would go bye-bye after Facebook Live stormed. Yet, we were wrong! People still use it…and care about it. Our favorite learning from the article How To Use Periscope? As a “Live Help Desk.” If you are gearing up for a launch or trying to bump up the numbers in your email list, you should use Periscope! You can try hosting a simple Q&A session to give you a few extra pre-sales, and tons of buzz. But be careful, people can, and will, ask anything! Which, in turn, might be an even better deal for you!

The Myth of Quick (Seth Godin)

We continue to be impressed at this guy. With over 1,000 shares already, this little article proves that you need much more than long pieces to “make it.” We’re spoiled by technology. We are living in a culture of fast – fast food, fast buck, fast loading times for your website. However, is fast always successful? Godin warns us against the evil of crash diets, super duper revolutionary technologies, and that magic consultant that can make your business grow in one session.

8 Steps To Building a Powerful Personal Brand That Will Change Your Life (Inc.)

“Personal brand” is one of the new hyped-up terms because it gets thrown out like crazy. If you get overwhelmed by it, don’t. Just replace it by “reputation” every time you see it online or you hear it in passing. If you’re just getting started, these 8 steps are the right launching pad for you. Will it change your life? We doubt it. But it will justify some quality time on Canva as you will be required to come up with fancy new graphics.

5 Tricks to Maximize Your Reach on Facebook (Social Media Today)

If you thought we were already “tricked out” by Facebook reach, well, you were right. The strategies in this article are kind of generic, but we do love the fact that she points out, recommends, to post your Facebook posts on Facebook, AND NOT through a scheduler. We’ve tested this several times and we agree with her. We were sad to let go of mighty Buffer for this task, but when we saw the new numbers, well, we drank the “thumbs up” Kool-Aid, too.

Experts Share Content Marketing Predictions for 2017 (Top Rank Blog)

Who doesn’t like a good prediction? As you’re gearing up for 2017 (and you’re taking notes in your awesome, spanking new planner), we know content is going to be one of your priorities. We’ve seen more digital magazines than ever before, which is kind of funny, as articles such as this one have predicted the death of magazines. But, as they say, what goes around, comes around.


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